Friday, May 13, 2011

How To Block Websites Using Notepad

This requaers softwave. if you do not have softwave you need to download it! First go to your start menu and get to your notepad. Don't open it just yet! Right click and click Run as administrator. Then clcik file and open. Now go to my computer click your system. It should be on the top and it should have the Windows logo on it. Now once your in it click Windows. In the Windows file click system 32. Now click drivers. And the drivers file click the ect folder. After that click The hosts. Go to the bottem were the code is and press enter. Put in the same code. ( Then press tab and put in the website you want to block but do not put in the www. Next press enter and put in that code. And press tab and put in the same website but this time it is with the www. Click save and x out. Now go to that website that you block and it should be block! Her is a video!   

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